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Fresenius is examining whether to make a second bid for private healthcare company Rhön-Klinikum. At the end of June 2012, Fresenius failed with a bid to Rhön-Aktionäire shareholders. They were offered EUR 3.9 billion in total for 90%, however only 84% of the shares tendered.

The failed bid has cost Fresenius EUR 26 million in consultancy fees. In addition to significant shareholders Asklepios and Sana, B.Braun is now also interested in the clinic chain, making the chance of a Fresenius group takeover less likely.

The large medical technology corporation B.Braun now hold 5% of Rhön-Klinikum, announced by Rhön themselves on Monday. In July, it was announced that B. Braun had call options to access nearly five percent of the Rhön-shares. These have now been exercised. 

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