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The Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy has just made it clear in its publication of the health economic accounts from 2020 that the German health economy accounts for an immense 12.1 percent of the gross domestic product. 7.4 million people also work in this economically significant part of the industry, which is mostly characterized by services.

However, the export sector in Germany as a whole is also impressive, as 8.8 percent of it is attributed to the health industry. This sector share has increased 1.5-fold in the last ten years and, at 40.4 billion euros, is above what can be expected from a more service-oriented sector. Indeed, the above-average growth is 4.3 percent annually.

However, the Federation of German Industries is disappointed with the rate of growth of digital healthcare solutions and the digital infrastructure in the healthcare sector, and is calling on politicians in particular to act quickly so that Asian and U.S. competition does not threaten Germany, which was once a center of innovation. Iris Plöger, as a member of the Executive Board, warns against too much inertia in the slow development of innovative medical technology solutions. She calls for more commitment, including for private researchers and developers.