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Professor Dr.-Ing. Kai Lucks, as an expert in the Healthcare Mergers & Acquisitions sector, recently commented in an article in the M&R Review on the subject of healthcare – and on the fact that the gap between medical-technical and pharmacological progress in relation to outpatient and inpatient care structures is widening. According to Lucks, the problem concerns everyone in Germany, because we can all become ill and need help.

The recent pandemic has once again shown how much need there is for discussion of this complex of issues, explains the expert, who is chairman of the German M&A Association, in connection with the topics of digitalization, structural changes and M&A prospects. When it comes to changes, he adds, high investment sums cannot be dismissed out of hand. Other countries around us can serve as role models, which is why he believes that the Bertelsmann Foundation’s proposal to close hospitals in order to provide better and cheaper care to people is nonsense.

He pursues a completely different objective:“ Don’t close them down, repurpose them,“ which means integrating basic inpatient care and follow-up care into existing old building complexes and equipping them instead with innovative, digital and intelligent technology (5G data transmission, AI-supported image diagnostics, remote-controlled robotics, etc.).

Established private and municipal carriers, however, will not be able to handle the high investment costs, especially since they also have to deal with corona usage requirements. In addition, according to the expert, crises and disasters will become more frequent in the future, so that new investors, reorganizations and mergers will come into play. Accordingly, a new kind of economic efficiency must be established in healthcare with the help of M& A, so that the healthcare system in this country has all the necessary high-quality structures in diagnostics and therapy.