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In March 2021, IT-Labs GmbH will introduce its new Alberta® patient app, a customizable white-label solution for healthcare providers. Complementing the company’s Alberta® software, which digitally manages the entire care of chronically ill patients, the patient app offers providers the opportunity for secure, targeted and efficient communication with their patients and family members. Providers who do not use Alberta® can also be connected to the patient app. Patients and relatives can view their current orders as well as their personal order history and contact their provider directly via video call or chat function. The patient app is implemented in the form of a progressive web app.
The company is thus launching an optimal solution for the requirements of the DAK contract, for example. Since last year, the DAK has been requiring its insureds to have an online tool for tracking orders and packages in the area of stomas, which they can also use to communicate with their service provider.

More information at: Hello Alberta