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Docplanner Group, which was founded in Poland in 2012 and operates mainly in Europe and Latin America, is expanding its range of services and pooling its strengths with the acquisition of the digital communication platform jameda; the effective date is January 1, 2022. Docplanner’s HealthCare platform for digital health services is used by doctors and patients, but above all by clinics, for communication and billing. The company operates with 1,800 employees in seven locations, including Warsaw, Barcelona, Istanbul, Rome, Bologna, Mexico City and Curitiba.

70 million patients are connected to Docplanner and 110,000 physicians. The acquisition of jameda, the leading software provider and doctor-patient platform in Germany, will add 20,000 doctors and 8 million patients per month. This will lead to a network strengthening, states Mariusz Gralewski, founder and CEO of Docplanner, who wants to expand the European markets and healthcare in Germany with his team. In the near future, jameda will therefore be increased by 200 additional employees and a quarter of a billion euros will be invested in the German market, after acquisitions in Spain, Italy and Turkey have already been targeted.

Docplanner wants to drive digitization, increase efficiency for all players in the healthcare sector, and push networking in order to continue growing organically and make healthcare more humane; however, jameda will remain independent. The software solution and app provider Docplanner has grown steadily since its founding through other acquisitions and continues to expand its range of services as a result. To date, the company has been supported by leading investors with more than 300 million euros.

The doctor rating portal jameda, founded in 2007 by Floria Weiß and Fritz Edelmann, was fully acquired by Hubert Burda Media in 2015 and is one of Germany’s leading platforms in the healthcare system.