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With the acquisition of speech recognition specialist Nuance for $19.7 billion, Microsoft aims to expand its portfolio in the healthcare sector. Nuance also specializes in artificial intelligence (AI) in the technology sector and has developed cloud solutions for many areas of the economy. Daimler and BMW, for example, work with Nuance. The best-known example in the market is Apple. Nuance has been involved in the development of Apple’s Siri voice assistant. For IT specialist Microsoft, the deal means that digitization can be advanced through the merger, especially in healthcare. A speech recognition – AI-supported – in the area of medical documentation as a developed cloud solution from Nuance, is still missing for the giant Microsoft to be able to penetrate further into the healthcare market, according to company circles.

More than three-quarters of all U.S. hospitals are already using software solutions from Nuance, an AI company specializing in speech recognition, so that medical staff can document patients regardless of time and place. For example, the technology succeeds in converting conversation notes from doctor visits into text that can then be automatically filed in digital patient records. CEO Satya Nadella of Microsoft is very pleased with the investment because the AI technology sector is the most important application in healthcare systems, he explained just recently.