Seite wählen

One week ago the Corona-Warn-App was presented by the German government. The President of the German Medical Association Dr. Klaus Reinhardt now hopes that as many people as possible will use the application. For example, the app is „a suitable component of a strategy against the corona epidemic in Germany“. Those who decide to use the app on a voluntary basis will thus not only be able to protect their closest contacts but also „make a considerable contribution to the health of society as a whole“.

The app was developed on behalf of the German government in a collaboration between Deutsche Telekom, SAP and the Robert Koch Institute. With the help of the app, chains of infection can be broken more quickly by letting users know quickly and anonymously if they have been in the vicinity of an infected person. To this end, the application detects other smartphones (on which the app is also installed) in the vicinity and stores their random Bluetooth IDs for a limited time. For data protection reasons, the IDs do not allow conclusions to be drawn about the user and his location.