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Various German health insurance companies, such as the AOK and IKK federal associations, have criticized the postponement of the financing responsibility of the federal, state and local governments, given the currently difficult financial situation of the health insurance funds. The decision on the necessary increase in the tax subsidy for the statutory health insurance funds (SHI) is to be postponed until October.

Federal Minister of Health Spahn and his ministry have promised support for the GKV, nevertheless one wants to wait first, how the estimator circle estimates and weighs the expenditure development including hospital costs. However, this will not happen before October 2021, so the SHI criticizes the timing of the decision on the amount of the federal subsidy to be expanded. For the Central Federal Association of the Health Insurance Funds, this postponement of the decision means further uncertainty for 2022.

The federal government had already stipulated by law that, in addition to the 14.5 billion euros in regular subsidies, a further seven billion in extra subsidies would be added so that an increase in the supplementary contribution from the current 1.3 percent could be ruled out. However, the Central Federal Association of the Health Insurance Funds assumes that these seven billion euros will not be enough. According to the Central Federal Association of the Health Insurance Funds , a further seven billion euros in tax revenue would be needed to top up the federal funds so that the „social guarantee“ called for by Jens Spahn can also be sustained. Spahn and Olaf Scholz, as the German Federal Minister of Finance, have agreed to help in an emergency and to provide additional tax funds.