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The Swiss biotech company Actelion (Allschwil) increased its profit in the third quarter despite restructuring costs. The company of Europe’s largest independent industry increased profits by 16 percent to 94.6 million Swiss francs. Excluding special items, the profit from July to September rose by 35.1 percent to 165.1 million Swiss francs. Product sales increased by 9.2 percent to 436.9 million Swiss francs (EUR 361 million).

Actelion benefited from the fact that the franc devalued and thus increased revenues from other currency areas. In addition, the company had to lay off fewer workers than previously estimated.

Actelion recorded expenses of 5.1 million Swiss francs in July for the third quarter after the launch of its austerity program. Actelion’s most important drug Tracleer – for high blood pressure in pulmonary circulation (PAH) – has been losing ground as a result of price pressure and increasing competition.

Actelion expects a positive future from the lung drug Macitentan. Until the successor Macitentan is launched however, it needs approval in the U.S., Europe and Switzerland, thought to be provided in the coming weeks.

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