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Alzheimer’s is still a very bad disease that is as of yet untreatable. In light of this, pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly and Company is the first to change this slightly. The initial results from two double-blind, placebo-controlled phase III studies with the new agent „Solanezumab“ show that the goal of developing the first drug against Alzheimer’s disease, has not been achieved. However, there was a prespecified secondary analysis of pooled data from two 13-years studies, which found a statistically significant reduction in the loss of cognitive performance in the overall study population (patients with mild to moderate Alzheimer’s dementia).

The lead researcher, Eric Siemers, commented following the results: „Even if there is no clear victory – it’s a step in the right direction.“ Financial analysts and the market share this opinion: the share price of the U.S. group rose in the interval following the message by eight percent.

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