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Anycare GmbH, specialists in the disease management market, have created a subsidiary company in Switzerland. In order to operate more efficiently in the Alpine republic’s health market, Anycare Suisse AG will be based in Bern, making Anycare’s supply and support programmes available for the chronically ill.
The support services offered range from a telephone helpline for telemedicine applications through to care for chronically ill patients in the home environment. The creation of Anycare Suisse is aimed at the 69 health insurance companies in Switzerland, and their policy holders. These services are then available to those insured, whether French, German or Italian.
The company’s new CEO, Lars Pannicke, has worked at AnyCare as head of product development since 2003. Health scientist Pannicke will be responsible for the overall function of Anycare Suisse,  as well as their development of innovative care management solutions.
Commentary: The increasing prevalence of chronic diseases and associated development costs in turn increases the attractiveness of disease management programmes. This should certainly be the case in Switzerland, where costs for those 20 percent with chronic or serious illnesses amount to about 80 percent of total costs.

However, there are only a few of these disease management programmes. In addition, many supply networks today still lack the critical mass for the development and implementation of such programs. The establishment of this AnyCare branch is an important step towards understanding the peculiarities of the Swiss healthcare market in relation to the implementation of managed care solutions taking funding into account. It must also be noted that under the Swiss health system direct patient recruitment by disease management providers is not permitted due to data protection policy.

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