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The pharmaceutical wholesalers Andreae Noris Zahn AG (Anzag) has a new name. This has long been the desire of British owner Alliance Boots.

With the name change to Alliance HealthCare AG Germany is also an enhancement of the associated activities of the company. The new name is effective from 1st April 2013.

At the Annual General Meeting, the Executive Board also presented its business for the past fiscal year, from 1st April 2011 to 31st March 2012:

  • Gross profit is at 271.8 million euros according to annual report;
  • The gross profit margin was 5.9% (2010: 6.5%);
  • EBIT, ie operating profit before interest and tax was EUR 52.6 million;
  • The value of the stock moves Anzag stable around 30 euros. With dividend payments, the owners will probably not opt for one this year;
  • The net profit of about EUR 10 million will be transferred to retained earnings.

„Although we in the German wholesale market make up the majority of our sales with bulk orders, we generate barely any income,“ concluded the Anzag CEO Thomas Trümper regarding the small positive net income.

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