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As part of the Barmer GEK Medicines and Medical Resource Report of 2012, the following data has been published. According to the Report, spending on resources grew 0.91% to EUR 672.4 million. This resulted in an output growth of around EUR 6 million. Spending for males rose 5.4%, whereas spending for females decreased over the previous year (-1.86%).

The number of persons served with tools grew significantly: around 263,000 or 15.87% more people received aid than in 2011. Thus, 21.1% of the insured are supplied (against 18% in the previous year), which corresponds to a total of 1.9 million people.

The background: The use of medicines and medical aids has increased greatly in recent years. Expenditure on medical aids alone, such as wheelchairs and respirators, accounted for EUR 6.3 billion, a 4.7% increase on last year (EUR 6.01 billion).

[ilink url=“″] Link zum Report (Barmer GEK Heil- und Hilfsmittelreport 2012)[/ilink]