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Bavaria, as well as Brandenburg, will continue to support telemedicine projects. Altogether, since 1995 Bavaria has invested nearly eleven million euros in telemedicine pilot projects; additional financial support of two million euros for further expansion is now being made available.

170,000.00 euros have just been approved for the Augsburg hospital. The money will be used to extend its existing telemedical range for heart attack patients. It will connect emergency services in the Augsburg area to a data network which will transfer details of heart attack patients from the ambulance to the Augsburg hospital in advance.

Commentary: The Augsburg hospital serves as an example of a regional center establishing themselves in the area of telemedicine. At the moment, this method of establishing regional centers of hospitals financed by the state seems to be the only way to implement larger telemedical projects. The unanswered question remains: Are health funds ever going to include telemedicine in their catalog of benefits?

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