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The consolidated turnover of the chemical and pharmaceutical company Bayer climbed in 3rd Quarter of 2012 by 11.5 percent to EUR 9.665 billion. Taking into account currency and portfolio effects, the increase came to 5.5 percent. Earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) fell by 23.7 percent to EUR 838 million.

Above all, the Health Care division could, according to the company, continue to gain growth momentum: sales rose in the 3rd quarter by 12.4 percent to EUR 4.719 billion.

The sales growth was driven by both segments – pharmaceuticals and consumer health. Health care performed well, particularly in North America and in the emerging countries. Especially in China, the pace of growth had continued. In the pharmaceuticals business, sales increased by 13.0 percent to EUR 2.734 billion, while the Consumer Health segment saw sales rise by 11.5 percent to EUR 1.985 billion.


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