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Experts from academia and industry are currently developing a value-based benchmarking approach for the optimization of work-flows in healthcare. The basis is the research project „BELOUGA„: Benchmarking logistischer Unterstützungs- & Dienstleistungsprozesse im Gesundheitswesen und in industriellen Anwendungen. The project will run until mid-2014 and is part of the BMBF funding measure „Produktivität von Dienstleistungen“, which has so far received EUR 2 million in funding.

Central to the project are the support and service processes of contract logistics providers and hospitals. Particular benchmarking studies for the processes of supply chain management and contract tendering logistics, as well as transport logistics for patients and the surgical workforce are performed at the hospital.

Based on the data collected, the findings were incorporated into a piece of benchmarking software for end users to experience a simulation of alternative process configurations and to see a representation of potential optimisation. Alliance partners are Fraunhofer SCS, Logistik-Kompetenz-Zentrum (LKZ), Hospital LogiServ GmbH, Universität Bayreuth, as well as Hochschule Ingolstadt and Klinikum Ingolstadt.

Commentary: In this project, the focus of benchmarking lies in the analysis of processes in hospitals. Also, many manufacturers of medical devices lack comparative figures on optimisation of potential and the assessment of progress in improving processes already underway.

Therefore, product benchmarking also provides manufacturers important insights into specific attributes of a product, such as function, cost or unique features, etc.. Upon analysis of these, there is then potential for optimisation in order to improve its position in the market.

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