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Biopharmaceutical development projects are on the rise and have more than doubled in the last five years according to Dr. Frank Mathias, CEO of vfa bio.

The pipeline of biopharmaceuticals is filled so good: Overall, 556 products with genetically engineered drugs are currently in clinical testing.

Moreover biopharmaceuticals would be developed more for new diseases. Of the 348 drugs that are currently in phase II and III studies, almost half have real potential to be successful according to the Association of Biotechnology Research-Based Pharmaceutical Companies (VFA).

They were intended for diseases for which there are no biopharmaceuticals available, such as Alzheimer’s disease, skin cancer or for the prevention of meningitis.


Commentary: In the production of biopharmaceuticals, i.e. genetic engineering drugs, Germany has the 2nd and 3rd best research-based pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies around the world behind the United States.

The pharmaceutical industry recognises that the biopharmaceutical industry is becoming increasingly important. This can be seen by the growth of this market segment by around 8% to just under EUR 4.9 billion. Biopharmaceutical company Fanapt makes up 17% of the entire market.

In contrast, we can say that biotech drugs are among the most expensive drugs. Already in Germany, they account for 13 percent of drug spending and in 2011 it amounted to 27.1 billion euros of expenditure of the GKV.

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