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The merger of the two public sickness funds BKK vor Ort and BKK Hoesch is perfect. As part of the merger, the BKK will grow by 56,000 members, who come mainly from North Rhine-Westphalia. With just under 810,000 insured in the fund based in Bochum, BKK system will now sit 3rd in the region.

The merger made a new election of the Board of the BKK site necessary. The representatives of the insured and employers in the inaugural meeting on 1 October 2012 confirmed the previous chairmen in their respective offices: Klaus-Peter Hennig (64) and Ludger Hamer (43) will again take turns as mutual deputy chairmen of the Board of Directors for one year each.

Hintergrund: The Dortmund-based sickness fund BKK Hoesch had run into financial difficulties. The allocations from the health funds were not sufficient to cover the costs of services, mainly for the elderly insured members. BKK Hoesch had to raise an additional contribution, which led to significant membership losses – the coverage gap has been widening.

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