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The Bundesverband Medizintechnologie (BVMed) has presented its own visual material for free, entitled „eHealth and Telemedizin bei Diabetes“. On the association’s website, images on the importance of medical devices for health and better quality of life are now available. BVMed already provides footage for subjects including cardiology, hip & knee replacements and infusion therapy.

At the centre of the images is the patient, who can gain personal benefit from medical technology and qualified medical personnel“ said BVMed Director and Board member Joachim M. Schmitt. „For example, blood glucose testing using iPhone“. (Quote translated by

An example of the possibilities of telemedicine using iPhone: using an adaptor on the iPhone, blood sugar can me measured and transmitted to an App. The app then manages and evaluates the measured value. The current data can be sent directly to the doctor. Together it is possible to make informed treatment decisions ─ practically in real time.

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