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In June, the newly agreed long term health insurance agreement will come into effect. There will be no majority vote within the Bundesrat this Friday in favour of invocation from the Conciliation Committee. This was the recommendation of the federal Health Committee to the Bundesrat.

With the project, Health Daniel Bahr (FDP) hopes to improve care for those with dementia. In addition, there is soon to be state-sponsored private nursing care provisions.  Regardless of income, every citizen who enters into a supplementary private health insurance policy will be entitled to a EUR 60 subsidy each year. It must be a daily benefits insurance policy, where contributions are at least EUR 10 per month. The law will also expand services for outpatients suffering from dementia.

A critique of the care reform is likely to remain: for the ‚black & yellow‘ coalition has introduced no new concept for care – although the results of the Commission were supported by a broad consensus.

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