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Medical technology company Carl Zeiss Meditec increased both business volume and operational result significantly in 2012 (end of of 2012 fiscal year: September 30th).

All business divsions and regions contributed to the growth, CEO Ludwin Monz informed the press. All in all the Jena-based company increased profits from EUR 66.9m to EUR 71.9m this year. In doing so, Zeiss Meditec benefitted from a strong demand in Asia and the Americas as well as from positive exchange rate effects. Business volume increased by 13.6% to EUR 861.9m. EBIT increased by 18.7% to EUR 122.9m. Thereby, the Carl Zeiss subsidiary increased its EBIT margin to 14.3% coming from 13.6%. Carl Zeiss Meditec is on the right track when it comes to achieving its EBIT margin objective of 15% in 2015.

The company wants to grow at an industry growth rate in 2012/13. CEA Monz is optimistic about a further increase in demand for medical technology in the next two years. A reason to be confident is the fact that a growing number of old people will need treatment of eye conditions.

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