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Pharmaceutical wholesaler Celesio has announced its new pharmacy concept in Bicester (England) on Friday, December 7th. In the course of this new concept the company wants to carry out its pharmacy business under the brand name „Lloyds“. At the outset, Celesio wants to label four pilot pharmacies in Great Britain and Italy, starting this week. The objective of this new approach is to focus the attention on pharmacists‘ core competences like advising and assisting patients.

„With the brand name ‚Lloyds‘ we want to establish the leading European pharmacy brand“, CEO Stephan Borchert announced. Starting point was a study published by IMS Health. From it followed that the annual costs of health care and drug usage could be lowered substantially if better patient advice would be provided and therapies would be monitored. Celesio wants to contribute to attaining that goal with its new concept.

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