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The municipal hospital group Vivantes will stay under ownership by the state of Berlin until at least 2020. The owners of the company are aware that competitiveness must be increased in light of private and ecclesiastical competitors. By 2020, the state is worried that Vivantes will have no profits, which stood at EUR 6.3 million in 2010.

In the coming years, they want to grow Vivantes by taking EUR 180 million euros in loans for urgent investment, wit the company also making special offers for wealthy patients.

Currently, 2000 of Vivantes‘ 13 300 employees work across twelve subsidiary companies. The largest municipal hospital group, unlike many public competitors in recent years, is always in the black: of the EUR 865 million euros of generated sales in 2011, there remained at least EUR 5 million profit. Compared to the private hospital operators, however, Vivantes trails the competition.

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