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As the Wall Street Journal reported, Coca-Cola and the pharmaceutical company Sanofi are planning a joint venture under the name „Beautific Oenobiol“ for the marketing of health drinks. It will begin with the marketing in France, followed by other European countries. There are four different drinks planned: one to strengthen hair and nails, one to improve the skin’s appearance, one to reduce weight and one to increase vitality.

 Commentary: The beverage giant Coca-Cola is known to all people through its sugary sodas and is widely discredited as unhealthy. A first attempt by Coca-Cola to enter the market of health drinks with Bionade was refused by the trademark owners of the label, because Coca-Cola had applied for the trademark. Since summer 2008, the new Coca-Cola soda series Spirit of Georgia has existed, which is considered as a competitor to Bionade. Success is perhaps still to come. With the joint venture between Coca-Cola and Sanofi, companies are investing in a joint healthcare/wellness brand that will be related to the original Coca-Cola beverage in name only. Which distribution channel in Germany they will use for the product still remains an intriguing question. Surely this places the pharmacy channel in the foreground, on which Sanofi has sold its cosmetic products since 2010.

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