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US medical technology company Convatec has further reduced its losses in 2012. So far, the company has completed the first nine month of its 2012 fiscal year. An operational profit of $160.2m (9.9%) contributed to a reduction of debts down to $176.4m. In the same period in the previous year debts amounted to $228.7m.

The company based in Skillmann (New Jersey) increased sales, too. Business volume after 9 months was $1,181bn (+ 1.8%). Business volume of the business divisions dispersed as follows:

  • Ostomy: $462m (+5.2%)
  • Wound management:  $374m (+1%)
  • Incontinence & Critical Care: $153m (-11.7%)
  • Infusion/Industry: $192m (+8.1%).

Since January Convatec has expanded further in the US and Great Britain. They have acquired four companies. Among them are: British supplier of ostomy products British Trio Healthcare Inernational Limited, British homecare service provider SureCalm Healthcare and US homecare service provider 180 Medical.

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