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The Bundesverband der deutschen Industrie (BDI) has established an association with the goal of developing an industry-wide perspective for all health-related industries and businesses to adhere to. A senior member of BDI management, Dieter Schweer, said: „Around 230,000 organisations and nearly five million workers in the health sector form a pillar of the German economy.“ (Quote translated by KonMedia)

Commentary: Almost every day in the German press, the health sector will be highlighted as a growth leader for our national economy; the economic ‚engine‘ which must drive innovation. Here, the term ‚health sector‘ covers a wide-ranging spectrum including directly-involved service provision companies such as hospitals and pharmacies, manufacturers of laboratory and diagnostic equipment, and suppliers for all durable and consumable goods.

Many global players have recognised the breadth of product and service opportunities and are trying to find new strategic business units through which to access the health care market. Good and well-known examples of this are companies like 3M, Tesa, Bertelsmann or HiPP. The collateral that comes with the health care industry and its stock situation will also have a lasting effect: demographics, innovation, self-determination.

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