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German health insurers DKV are to restructure their business from around early 2013, when they will no longer enter into „group insurance“ contracts. Whilst this division generated around 20% of their previous sales, too many of these contracts were no longer profitable for the company.

Hence, DKV will no longer enter into „group insurance“ contracts, concluding this division of the company. The company will instead offer new contracts depending upon the size of the company: for those with more than 1,000 employees, they can continue their contract with only minor changes. For those with 500-1000 employees, previously granted discounts will no longer exist. Companies with less than 500 employees will only be able to access the „group insurance“ tariff if they take out a company health insurance policy, consisting of additional services.

DKV belongs to the Munich Re Group, and is their largest private health insurer in terms of premium income. However, one of its core business areas, „full insurance“, has been struggling for some time, with decreases in numbers of customers. 
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