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Since the rebate ban for domestic and international mail order pharmacies is now in force, the new owner of DocMorris Zur Rose AG wants to continue to grant their customers premiums. In the future, every customer who orders a prescription at DocMorris gets a 1 Euro per drug bonus.

Moreover, DocMorris wants to offer its customers a drug check. For the effort, the company intends to pay compensation of up to €15, which will depend on the complexity of the disease and the drug therapy of the individual. The drug check for the Dutch mail order pharmacy provides a measure for the development of pharmaceutical consultancy and a consequent increase in the quality of advice.


Commentary: Under this plan, mail order pharmacies can reduce the impact of the ban on prescription bonuses. The combination of a free service and an expense allowance suggests that the real motivation behind this is to get the customer to make money this way. Whether this idea is legally feasible, will certainly be reviewed by courts. However, there are similar models in the market, for example legal kickbacks between providers and hospitals. The open question here is which models are feasible and to what extent such models are legally contestable.

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