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The Gemeinsame Bundesauschuss (G-BA), as part of the discussions about the early benefit assessment, has claimed that proceedings are „clearly positive in this area“ in their initial assessment. (Quote translated by KonMedia)

On the side of the pharmaceutical industry, however, this assessment is not shared. The Bundesverband der Pharmazeutischen Industrie (BPI) has criticised the majority of sickness funds within the G-BA.

So far, 25 cases of early benefit assessment were completed on time. The G-BA also identified 64% of the active ingredients it assessed as having a positive impact („low“, „not quantifiable“ or „substantial“).

From a neutral perspective, the view of businesses and interested parties of the pharmaceutical industry that the G-BA are delaying the treatment of patients with innovative products is without foundation. The purpose of the early assessment is to first separate innovations from actual innovations following a fair process, and then to ensure actual innovations are able to achieve their deserved benefits success.

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