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The health care group Fresenius SE & Co. KGaA have achieved highs in earnings and sales after nine months. Excluding special items, net income rose against the same period of the previous year by more than a fifth to 682 million Euros. Particularly good performers were Fresenius Kabi, which benefited from supply constraints of competitors, and the clinic operator Fresenius Helios which have also contributed significantly.

Total Group revenue climbed 18 percent to 14.1 billion Euros. In the third quarter the company earned on balance 248 million Euros in quarterly sales of 4.864 billion Euros.

Revenue growth for the first nine months was driven by all divisions:

• Fresenius Medical Care: the largest subsidiary and dialysis specialist suffered in the third quarter from currency effects. Fresenius Medical Care increased sales by 8% to EUR 7.882 billion from EUR 6.616 billion in the same period last year. After nine months, Fresenius Medical Care treated 256,521 patients in 3,135 dialysis clinics.

• Fresenius Kabi: increased sales by 14% to EUR 3,363 million (Q1-3 2011:. EUR 2.950 million). Organic sales growth was 9%. Currency translation had an effect to the amount of 4%, while acquisitions contributed 1% to revenue growth. EBIT increased by 14% to EUR 700 million. The increase in EBIT came primarily from the good performance in North America and emerging markets

• Helios: the hospital operator Helios increased sales by 20% to EUR 2.347 million (Q1-3 2011: EUR 1.950 million). Contributed to sales growth was a very good organic growth of 5% and acquisitions also contributed 17%. EBIT increased by 19% to EUR 232 million.

• Fresenius Vamed: turnover for the engineering and maintenance services specialised subsidiary rose 12% to EUR 536 million (Q1-3 2011: EUR 480 million). Acquisitions contributed 11% to sales growth. In the 3rd quarter of 2012, Fresenius Vamed took over the Rehabilitation Clinic Zihlschlacht in Switzerland from Helios. EBIT increased by 9% to EUR 24 million.

As of 30 September 2012, the Group had 163,463 employees (December 31, 2011: 149,351). The 9% growth was mainly due to acquisitions.


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