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The Handelsblatt has made the video series „Made in Germany“ to present German medical technology as an export while taking a look at the company B. Braun. Here, the report has produced some interesting information on the market for dialysis and infusion solutions.

Thus, the company from Melsungen sells to over 70 countries, including around 15,000 dialysis machines. With a development time of about 4 years, B. Braun is investing a double digit million sum in new dialysis systems. In order to export the devices in developing countries, the North Hessian company is part of a public-private partnership in cooperation with the local communities. So if they have built several dialysis centres in India, for example, B. Braun will offer discounted appliances and the government provides doctors and patients.

In addition, B. Braun produced manufacturing plant infusions. The demand in hospitals has risen continuously. At B. Braun, it is estimated that 70% of patients during a hospital stay need an infusion. In Europe every year about 600 million containers of infusion solutions were needed. B. Braun produces one-third of them.

The B. Braun company, with more than 44,000 employees, are the world’s largest manufacturers of infusion solutions, dressings and medical equipment.

Commentary: B. Braun is a good example of export-driven German medical technology providers. Last year all German medical technology companies exports amounted to around EUR 14 billion. But while the industry is currently growing abroad (+6.5%) more than in Germany (+1.3%), this development in Europe is tightening market access,posing a threat to German SMEs.

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