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IT groups have long recognized that the German health care market is very attractive. For this reason, an increasing number of companies from the IT sector are investing in this business field.

Lately IMB has put 100 million Euro into its program Smarter Healthcare. The group contributes to research projects and makes available IT solutions for the health care market.

Through its Unified Intelligence System (UIC) Microsoft has been offering – especially in the USA – sector-spanning IT solutions since 2008. Furthermore, Amalga’s Unified Information System (UIS) supports the input of medical data. Additionally, Microsoft distributes portal solutions, server and office products for the administration of hospitals as well as other areas in health care.

In order to facilitate quick access to patient data and specialist medical staff in clinics, Dell is offering its own health care solution: Mobile Clinical Computing (MCC).

There are numerous other IT groups besides IMB, Microsoft and Dell who are presenting innovative solutions to the health care market.

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