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The Federal Gazette has published the salaries received by board members of the statutory health funds – they reveal a very heterogeneous picture: For instance, the difference between the top earners of the various type of funds – e.g. those traditionally linked to a guild or professional association and other, non-aligned ones – can be up to 100,000 Euro per year. Furthermore, growth rates differ enormously: from +0.7 percent to 20.6 percent. The largest increase in salaries was recorded by Barmer GEK (+19.05 percent) and IKK classic (+20.58 percent).

As a rule, top board members of health funds earned more than 200,000 Euro in 2011. The only exception are the guild-based health funds (IKK) whose chief board members received a salary of about 180,000 Euro. The highest earner was the board of the Techniker Health Fund with 283,445.76 Euro.

118 of the ca. 150 remaining statutory health funds have submitted their boards‘ salaries – which they are required to do according to the Social Law Code.

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