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In the first half of 2012, IKK Classic has recorded a surplus of around EUR 175 million, posting a higher-than-expected financial advantage. This result, however, could fluctuate in the second half of 2012.

The benefits expenditure of IKK stood in the first half of 2012 at EUR 175 billion, up 3.5% on last years figures, attributed to the following:

  • Hospital treatment: EUR 1.43 billion (+4.3%)
  • Outpatient medical treatment: roughly EUR 695 million (+3.7%)
  • Pharmaceutical expenditure: EUR 647 million (+4.38%)
  • Sick pay EUR 271 million (+5.77%).

Significantly, the fund spoke out against the distribution of a single premium, stating the need for financial stability: „In this principle, we must not go overboard when considering short-term promotional concepts. We must take into account the future when we look at various options for additional benefits for our members, finding a solution suitable both politically and for our organisation.“ (Quote translated by

Looking at the General Election of 2012, IKK Classic of the common interest group of funds IKK e.V. must be in accordance with the health care requirements: return to post autonomy of health, the prevention of monopolistic structures in the health sector (antitrust merger control), as well as a balance of the contribution burden for labour-intensive enterprises through revenue charges for businesses in sectors with a low employment factor.

Commentary: So far, none of the major health insurance companies followed the example of Techniker Krankenkasse, who have announced the payment of a premium. Currently, IKK is the biggest fund with approximately 3.6 million policyholders.

A financial advantage would be for policyholders of the funds to be given a bonus system (max. EUR 300) and an individual health account grant (150 euros). The cplans will be expanded in the coming year according following initial clearance from the Board.

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