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Medical care supplies and cosmetics are increasingly important in supporting pharmacy mail order. According to information from IMS Health, both areas experienced double-digit growth, with mail-order pharmacies achieving total sales volume of EUR 680 million in the first quarter of 2012, growing by 5.5%.

Both of these areas draw a positive picture:

  • Medical supplies and requirements (tests, medicines and medical aids): sales of EUR 33 million (+9%) and volume growth of 15 percent.
  • Cosmetics and personal care products: sales of EUR 71 million (+14%). This segment now has a share of more than 10% of total sales for mail-order pharmacies.


Commentary: The importance of mail order pharmacies is still rather low in the context of the entire pharmacy business, accounting for a revenue share of three percent (Total turnover: EUR 22.6 billion). However, the importance of this distribution channel increases as stagnant pharmacy conditions continue.

With just over EUR 100 million, the two product areas outlined make up a seventh of total mail order sales. The most important area is the OTC segment, with more than half of the sales revenue achieved through this.

Quelle: MTD-Instant (41/2012)