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By 2030, the number of people needing care will rise by about a million to 3.4 million. This emerges from the Statistical Yearbook of Germany 2012, which was presented in Berlin. This calculation is based on the assumption of a constant age and gender care probability.

In 2009, more than 2.3 million people across all age groups require care. More than two-thirds (69 percent) were supported at home; nearly one-third (31 percent) lived in senior care facilities. In almost half (46 percent) of all cases, relatives contributed to the cost of the care.


The Statistical Yearbook also points out that the care ratio – the proportion of nursing care in the relevant age group – significantly increases with age.

  • In 2009, 10 percent of 75-79 year olds were considered as needing care.
  • 20 percent were in the 80-84 year old category.
  • Among men who were 90 or older, the rate was 59 percent.

According to the Federal Office Statistics, women up to the age of 80 needing care were at a significantly higher rate than that of men. One reason for this, according to the President of the Federal Office, Roderich Egeler, could firstly be the health status of different sexes. Another reason could be that men are able to rely on their wives to take care of them than vice versa, with women on average living longer and being healthier.

The nursing situation will continue to be defined by increasing demographic development. There is, as well as the recently collected data by the Federal Statistical Office, a huge increase in single person households. Their existence can also affect the medical supply situation in home care. Here, increasing professional care services are needed because sometimes families are not available to help, or not able to pay for nursing care because of their professional or personal situation. The need for nursing home care products and services will increase accordingly in light of this development, not just in terms of the traditional home care areas of support: food supply, domestic help and driving services will all increase considerably. From the perspective of the provider it is a huge growth market. From the perspective of those in need of care, it is about the value of the advanced years of life.


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