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Currently the discussion has been reignited on how the billions in health fund surpluses should be utilized. There are many political suggestions on how to reduce this mountain of money. The health care funds are continuing to defend their reserve and point to possible bad years in the future. If the economic trend stays positive, the health funds‘ revenue side will remain unchanged. The treasurer has already hinted at reducing tax benefits by 4 billion Euro.

During the last few weeks there were few discussions regarding health fund planning, expenditure or the use of surpluses. The actual content is falling by the wayside. And yet there are many projects which could be kick-started regarding quality enhancement in patient care, experience could be gained and maybe more efficient forms of health care established, which in turn could lead to more savings.

A profit phase is at the same time an investment phase. Instead of saving, one should shrewdly invest in new products, services and projects. A possible impulse in this matter might come from organizations like Spectaris or BVMed who might start a dialog about „investing in the future“. A task group comprising health care funds, industry and health care providers could tackle two or three topic areas which currently cause high costs and would benefit from new ideas.

The framework of the German health system is already good, now we should use the favorable circumstances of the economic environment to improve its content.