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From 1. March 2012 new reference prices are applicable for product group 17 of the medical aid register. Compared to the old reference prices from 2008 the (net) price of all products was increased, some of them by 10, 20 or even 40 percent.

On average, the prices for mass production products have increased markedly compared to those made to measure. This leads to the conclusion that prices in 2008 were clearly fixed too low. The price of the products ‚knee-high stockings KKL. IV, mass production‘ alone were increased by 41 percent.

This step could be an opportunity to revise other ‚wrong decisions‘ health funds in setting the price. Doubtless the negotiation partners were able to point out why the 2008 price was wrong. This suggests that transparency in negotiations is an important element. In other product areas, unfortunately, no direct opportunities exist federally as they do for reference prices. Individual contracts are often bilateral agreements which both sides like to use to their own advantage in subsequent talks.

This is a very welcome step in strengthening specialist retail trade as compression stockings constitute an important product groups for many specialist medical supplies retailers, both in regards to sales numbers as well as profit.