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The listed nursing home operators Marseille-Kliniken recorded in fiscal year 2011/2012 a sharp rise in profits. Also, revenue from the Berlin-based company increased by 2.7 percent to EUR 195.1 million. The increase was justified, among other things with higher capacity utilization (+1.8 percentage points to 88.9% in 7915 beds) and a lower tax rate.

The relevant performance measures were increased in the previous year:

EBITDAR (earnings before tax, interest, depreciation, amortisation and rent costs) rose by 5.6 percent to EUR 54.8 million.
Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation (EBITDA) rose by 28.5 percent to EUR 17.6 million,
earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) rose by 91.2 percent to EUR 10.9 million increase.
The EBIT margin increased by 2.6 percentage points to 5.6 percent.


The net profit attributable to shareholders increased by 124 percent to 6.5 million Euros. The equity ratio rose from 17.1 percent to 19.5 percent.

„The past year has shown that our new strategic direction brought about the improvements in profitability and financial strength,“ said Marseille-Kliniken CEO Michael Thanheiser about the numbers. (Quote translated by


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