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The Dutch pharmaceutical distributor Mediq has agreed to a takeover bid from the U.S. financial investor Advent International. As a result, Mediq will receive EUR 775 million for future expansion plans.

The two Mediq main shareholders – financial investors Templeton and Silchester – which together hold 20 percent of Mediq have already approved the acquisition. The Executive and Supervisory Board recommended acceptance of the bid. The U.S. financial investor wants to preserve the identity of Mediq, in addition to its headquarters in Utrecht which also includes employees and its brands.

In Germany, therefore, the second largest home care provider is in the hands of financial investors. After GHD, Mediq sits second, after acquiring the former Kohl-Gruppe home care company Assist in 2011.

Commentary: In the past seven years, Mediq has been developed from a Dutch company focusing on drugs to an international company with a leading position in the distribution of medical products. This pan-European strategy change expanded the spectrum to include aid delivery and the supplying of physicians and hospitals. With the entry of the financial investor from Boston, who also became active in the health care market in 2009 with the acquisition of hospital company Median Clinics Ltd, it can be assumed that Mediq can continue to expand thanks to this cash injection. Here, it shall be interesting to see how the introduction of Advent impacts the German home care market.

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