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Merz pharma group sales showed a double-digit growth in the last fiscal year and group turnover has increased by 17% to EUR 913.1m. The Frankurt-based company has three business areas:

  • Ethical pharmaceuticals: This business area has increased by 19.3% and turnover was EUR 532.1m (prev. year: EUR 446m ).
  • Aesthetics: Turnover was EUR 154.6m (prev. year: EUR 113.8m).
  • OTC/OTX: Non-prescription drugs for self-medication (OTC) or drugs that can no longer be prescribed by doctors for reimbursement (OTX) developed well with a growth of 8.8%.

Merz is generating 42.6% of its turnover in North America. Fast-growing regions in the last fiscal year were Asia and Russia. In its domestic market in Germany Merz had declining sales.

In its earnings before interest and tax (EBIT) Merz scored a new maximum value with EUR 263.5m. From a strategic point of view Merz wants to expand its beauty and cosmetic medicine business. Here, Merz has heavily expanded its business outside Europe in the past few years – by acquisitions as well. In 2010 Merz acquired US beauty medicine company BioForm.

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