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Sleep apnea does not simply affect the night’s sleep. It can also cause heart attacks, strokes, and many different accidents. Currently, it affects 3% of the German population, especially middle-aged men who are overweight. Those affected are often tired during the day, unable to concentrate, or sleep involuntarily. A typical symptom in addition to daytime sleepiness is loud snoring.

Using new screenings by AnyCare GmbH, those affected can be diagnosed easily. These devices, manufactured by Weinmann Geräte für Medizin GmbH und Co. KG, are specially designed to monitor breathing and detect existing insomnia. Similar to a wristwatch in design, the device fits like a watch around the wrist and records overnight the relevant vital symptoms of those affected. Anycare analyse the data, also offering helpful information and telephone counselling for patients. Funded by health insurance, Anycare now offers this program to this target group.

Commentary: The main downside to the this programme is the exclusion of the physician. In the past, programmes of this nature have failed because a doctor is generally required to handle issues of a therapeutic nature. Thus, for the industry as a whole and the developers of care programmes implemented through health insurance, it is important to involve doctors in this process. Physician networks can support the implementation of these programmes effectively. This presents an open question: how do producers gain access to this required target group?

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