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After the electronic health card (eGK) has been shrunk to almost a normal insurance card, efforts are now being taken to be cautious when testing some simple telematics applications. The electronic prescription will not be introduced, but the updating of policy master data when the card is inserted into a reader in a practice will start next year. In the second quarter of 2013, the contract for the testing of the update and for the testing of the qualified electronic signature (QES) will be granted.

„After the development of solutions, industry testing will begin in two test regions. Tests will focus on practicality, privacy, interoperability, compatibility, stability and security of the telematics infrastructure. Subsequently, the nationwide online rollout will commence.“ (Quote translated by


Commentary: This fits the quote from the Roman poet Horace: „There be in labour the mountains, comes into the world only a ridiculous little mouse“. With the launch of this edition of the insurance card while facts were established, the cards have not got any true telematic functions. These will be developed in the coming years. In the the whole area, this tool currently has no direct influence, because until now the doctor-patient communication within health insurance is a priority. However, the electronic signature to be used for applications in medical fields and in aid is now fully developed. Central to this is the ability to identify an individual to be quite safe when filling in applications online.

There is therefore no hurry for the eGK to be rolled out, until further developments have been made.

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