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The prescription Ordermed service has developed rapidly over a year after its inception and now, it has a considerable network – about 17,000 doctors and 497 pharmacies.

The system of the company from the Lower Saxony Buchholz is financed through pharmacies: for EUR 177 initial fee, EUR 53 monthly fee and 50 cents per pack delivered to the pharmacist to secure their customers and their business, according to the business calculations of Ordermed.

Ordermed has explicitly focussed its business model in the care of the chronically ill and allows, for example, online ordering of permanent drugs without a doctor’s visit. These can be made through the physician e.g. by appropriate means of smartphone app for prescribing mandate. In this process, the home pharmacy is informed via the internet about the collection of the prescription.

The target group is very large, according to company founder Boenig. „Seven million people in Germany at the same time receive five or more medications,“ said Boenig. „Patients requiring long term care are the main users of the pharmacy, and about 50 percent of sales can be attributed to them.“ (Quote translated by

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