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Pfizer has entered into a partnership with Mylan. Both US companies (Pfizer made $67.4 billion in sales in 2011, Mylan made $6.1 billion) in order to make an impact in the generics market. Initially, their plan is limited to Japan – a country home to the world’s 6th largest generics market. There, the generics market is expected to grow this year by 24% to 30%.

Specifically, the partnership understanding is that Mylan develops and manufactures the drugs, and Pfizer is then responsible for the sales. Then, the costs and profits are split. By connecting the No. 4, and No. 1 players in the world pharmaceutical market respectively, they can thus draw from a large pool: 350 products for various applications in their range for Japan, with a further 120 products in the pipeline which are not included.

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