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In some product areas of the resource market, the share of private patients is larger than average, for example incontinence products. Because those inflicted feel shame in the topic and the lack of reimbursement for mild forms of incontinence have led to a relatively large segment of private payers.

Thus, the availability of certain products through an online order service, is important particularly in an area such as incontinence. In this way, the patient can order the product online and save the unpleasant experience of a drug store or pharmacy.

The activities of producers has increased in recent years, as was the case with Attends: „Attends Soft products for very light to light bladder weakness can now be ordered directly through Amazon“. The company is thus positioned between dealers and direct sales.   

Suppliers use distribution channels such as mail order pharmacies, for example, with a wide range of products and reach. The online store of suppliers, (but also manufacturers) correspond in design and function. However, the active marketing of online distribution is usually at the bottom of the priority list of manufacturers and suppliers.   

Commentary: Very few companies in the medical device industry and in the resource market have a clear strategy for online sales. This sales channel has several special features, so that it cannot be easily integrated into the mix of sales channels. An online shop on its own is not enough.

Also direct services to the patient plays an important role. It is crucial to have a comprehensive approach to dealing with customers, which also includes all other distribution channels. Online distribution often leads to further changes in the company. The open questions are: In which product groups can Internet sales be commercially successful? What is for the best strategy for each company?

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