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In the takeover battle for the hospital group Rhön-Klinikum, it appears that there could be another chapter: industry sources believe Munich-based rivals Sana Kliniken AG are working on an offer.

Sana shareholders, who govern 31 private health insurance funds including DKV, Signal and Allianz, are currently trying to buy Rhön shares outside the stock exchange. The plan is to launch a takeover bid by the shareholders together, in order to  control 20% of the Rhön.  Sana does not hold shares in Rhon, but could rely on the present while still below 10 per cent stake of its shareholders.

Both companies declined to comment on the operations. Rhön founder Eugen Münch stated that they were not in discussions with Sana currently. How an association between Rhön and Sana will work remains unclear, according to insiders. However, one option is that the Munich-based company could transfer its hospitals to Rhön, and subsequently become majority owners.

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