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The mail order pharmacy Sanicare (Revenue in 2011 of EUR 216 million) is insolvent. As of yesterday, decisions regarding the estate of the recently deceased owner Johannes Mönter can now only be made with the consent of the temporary administrator. This news emerged yesterday in a publication from Amtsgericht Osnabrück. Details of the preliminary insolvency were unavailable as insolvency administrator Ralph Bünning declined to comment.

The insolvency administrator will be called to participate in an imminent staff meeting, alongside representatives of the works council and the trade unions. Employees should be informed of how the diverse distributed organisations should be continued.

Background: On 4th September, the company’s founder Mönter died after a short illness. A few days ago, it was announced by Sanicare that their mail-order pharmacy was unable to extend its lead over the competition. Sanicare currently employs 800 people.
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