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Statutory health insurances (GKV) have once again increased their surplus and now have a reserve of EUR 23bn at their command (half year: EUR 21.8bn). A EUR 14bn financial cushion of the insurance companies is complemented by a EUR 9.5bn reserve of the health care fund, the Federal Ministry of Health disclosed. This is due to a stable economic situation and a moderate rise in expenses.

Statutory health insurance companies realized a EUR 4.05bn profit in the first nine month of 2012. The health care fund is in deficit (EUR 15m) but likely will have a rising premium income up to the end of the year due to one-time payments (like Christmas bonuses). For Health Minister Daniel Bahr of the Free Democrats the numbers reflect the solid financial foundation of the German health insurance coverage. The financial means necessary for cancelling the consulting fee at the beginning of 2013 will be sufficient.

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