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A survey by management consulting group Deloitte has revealed the gaining significance of strategic human resources planning for German hospitals in the face of the ever-increasing shortage of doctors. But the topic is not on the hospitals radar, yet. „Management has to strenghten employer branding in its respective hospital to keep pace in the job market“, Deloitte partner Gregor-Konstantin Elbel said.

Deloitte states that many hospitals struggle with vacancies where qualified personnel is exceedingly scarce. The main reason for it is the demographic change in Germany – on the one hand, the need for doctors is increasing, the number of old people is steadily rising as well as the number of patients with complex diseases. On the other hand, there is a lack of young people. Measures of enhancing employee satisfaction and recruitment, especially with regards to patient-side activities, are strongly recommended by Deloitte.


Comment: Strategic human resources planning is a considerable competive factor for hospitals and is more than just planning personnel expenditures. Subsequently, human resources management has to be embedded into management. Against the background of shortage of doctors in Germany the so-called generation Y (and its young doctors) – and their focus on family-friendly policies, work-life balance and enhancing (their) careers – will be the center of attention.

If hospitals don’t want to miss out while contending with their competitors they have to position themselves as attractive employers – both external (e.g. with recruiting events and employer branding) and internal (e.g. with employee retention programmes and personnel development).

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